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I'm in Wales this week for Half Term, in a beautiful valley north of Carmarthen. We've had sun, rain, hail and snow so far, so it's nothing if not exciting! 

I deliberately didn't pack my trainers, as I was looking forward to a week of rest. Whilst it's fantastic to keep up a regular exercise programme, it's all too easy to forget about the benefits of REST. That downtime that your body needs to recuperate, repair and come back stronger. 

Whilst not planning any 'formal' exercise, when I think about it I realise that we've been doing plenty of it just exploring the local area. 

Climbing hills up to ruined Norman castles like Llansteffan here (amazing leg & glute workout), playing catch on the beach with a tennis ball (arms & shoulder power, stretch & reach, hand-eye coordination), spotting interesting shells to collect (squat, stand up, take a few steps, repeat...), exploring the local wooded valley & traipsing in wellies through muddy paths (uneven & sticky ground makes for a great core workout), searching out the best local caffi for a pitstop (er...refuelling, very important post-exercise ;-)...

All in all, I'm enjoying my week of 'rest'. When you're next on holiday, don't panic if you're not able to keep up your usual exercise routine. Think outside of the box and enjoy activity of a different kind. Variety is especially good for your mind and body. 

AKA clients' nemesis! Yes it's the absolute best piece of kit for guaranteed client grimaces, but that's not the only reason we PTs love it! 

Fantastic for toning your upper body - literally whipping your shoulders & arms into shape. But a Battlerope does way more than this. The kickback from the weighted rope works your core in new and unexpected ways, your grip muscles (hands & forearms) fire up, and it's brilliant for low impact pulse-raising / HIIT training.  So it delivers an amazing Cardio workout too! 

The PT team recently did some group training focusing purely on the Battlerope, so look out for some partner exercises coming your way soon! 

Top tip to get the most out of your Battlerope training: relax your shoulders and keep breathing! 

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT - Delina Ethiopian Food

Have you heard about Delina? Owner and local Mum, Nazareth, started the company as a street food stall. Delina specialises in healthy - gluten, dairy and meat free - meals which can now be ordered and delivered to you via their website 

A brilliant fuss-free way to go meat-free once a week, which we now know is good for the environment as well as for our health. 

W12-based Delina also run Ethiopian cookery classes which are a great way to spend an evening with friends - learning to cook a great new healthy meal which you can enjoy eating at the end together. What's not to love! 

I hope you feel inspired to try something new today. See you in the park soon!


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