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Wow, it's Feb already! And still pretty chilly out there, so don't forget your BSPT neck-warmers for training ;-)).

So, WHAT'S THE BUZZ this month?
BABIS has decided to flee to warmer climes and is heading to Vietnam for a month! Meanwhile, we'll just keep grinding it out Babis, don't you worry! I will be out and about helping Aneta & Ruth with covering sessions. You can expect to see Babis and his sunny smile (and no doubt very tanned face) back in March.

We've been CELEBRATING - over mint tea... ANETA's 1st Anniversary with BSPT. Yes, it's a year since our very own LITTLE NINJA joined us! Congratulations and thank you Aneta for being a very dedicated PT, and a fabulous team member.

We are very pleased to award our prize to someone who is literally living up to her name! Since joining us in October, mum of two Astri has been an absolute STAR in her dedication to training 2 x week in Small Group. With little Axel in tow, it's not always easy, but Astri is always positive and makes the most of her sessions. She has made great improvements in core and overall strength. Impressive stuff Astri, keep it up! 

Astri says: 
"I think my core strength is improved a lot. I can see a big difference in 'flatness' and also I feel stronger. That's very good!" 


We've teamed up with local Nutritionist (and keen rock climber!) Alina Tierney, from Outstanding Nutrition, to bring you a series of invaluable nutrition insights.

This week we're talking CARBS - it's a common perception that it's good to 'carbo-load' before exercise. 

"Glycogen is the name of carbohydrate stored in the muscle. As you exercise, the stored glycogen is used to fuel the muscle. While it is true that you need some carbs to replenish glycogen stores, the amount required is not significantly high. Our glycogen storage capacity is small and anything exceeding this which is not used as fuel is stored as fat. What's more, if your aim is to lose fat and build muscle, excess carbs will actually prevent your body from using your own fat stores as fuel, therefore diminishing your ability to lose the extra fat. Conclusion: to burn fat, don't overload on carbs!"

For more Alina knowledge, click here  

HEALTHY BEGINNINGS...data & feedback!  
We're very excited about this innovation, and hope you are too! 2+ x week clients will have received your first data snapshot by email. You will receive check-ins / updates every 2 months from now on.

We need your help with our own service health tracker! Your feedback is vital to us continuing to improve your service, so we'll shortly be sending out a brief survey to see how we're doing. Please take a couple of minutes to fill it in for us (it's anonymous, so you can be fully honest!). 

Thank you and see you in training soon! 


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