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I've done it! And I feel amazing.
My energy levels are high - and constant - no more surges and crashes. I am thinking more clearly. My digestive system is happy. My skin is clearer. I am not going hungry.

I am lighter: 62kg from 63.4kg, BMI down to 22.2 from 22.4, Waist down to 31" from 33", and my Body Fat Percentage is now 27% (down from 29.2%).

It's not been plain-sailing of course. Major wobble day 4/5 - not from cravings (which I've had none of during the whole process), but from gurgley stomach and literally wobbly on my feet. I think my body actually hit detox at this point, and was starting to readjust to using fat as fuel. A quick check on the Interweb and apparently this is known as 'Low/No-Carb-Flu'.  By day 5/6 though, I noticed a more even energy throughout the day, and by day 7 I was feeling good again.

Next obstacle, Day 11: smelly breath - helpfully pointed out by my daughter. When you reach KETOSIS, your body's natural state of burning fat as fuel, your body starts to produce different chemical waste products - and this gives your breath a distinctive sweet smell. Not so pleasant, but ironically very motivating to know that I've reached the fat-burning phase! (I've now bought up the Co-op's entire supply of mints and chewing gum.) 

As day 14 approached, I started to wonder what I was going to break my fast with...I found in fact that the answer was, most likely, nothing. I hadn't been fantasising about anything really, not bread, not even an almond croissant...For the first time in years, I'm actually not craving anything. 

MAJOR BODY RESET. In just 2 weeks. I no longer have the 'sweet tooth' which I thought was an intrinsic part of me for 40 years. The expression 'life-changing' is often overused but I do believe that this 2 week test will be for me. I am now confident that eating a no sugar, low carb, high fat diet can more than adequately fuel me, AND make me feel great!  

It hasn't been easy, and putting it out there to you in this newsletter was key to keeping me on track. If you feel inspired to give it a go, let us know and we will help with ACCOUNTABILITY. I kept a food diary for the 2 weeks and you can use it as a ready made menu. Here it is. 
(You'll see I drank wine on several occasions, apparently this is ok as long as it is DRY...)


So now onto another challenge - and this one's for you! Summer is not far off, and we are very excited to be partnering with Detour Cafe to bring you our very special 12-WEEK SUMMER BODY CHALLENGE. Bringing you TRAINING, NUTRITION, ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMUNITY - what more could you want! We're super excited about this. Starting after Easter, new clients can buy the complete package, existing clients can BOLT-ON the Nutrition & Accountability components. More details below....  


As our team grows, I need to make sure we continue to provide the consistently high level of service that you deserve.

I believe that feedback is essential to moving forward. How are we doing? We would love to hear your views. Could you take 2 minutes to complete our Client Survey please? Here it is. Thank you! 


Well, we all know that ALL Mums are winners but there could be only one winner of our Special Mother's Day Mani-Pedi Prize Draw. All of our Mum clients' names went into a W6 Cafe jug and Aneta drew 1 lucky person.....EMMA JUHASZ! Voucher winging it's way to you right now Emma - we really hope you enjoy your pamper time!
See you in the park soon, 


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