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Headspace = My Number One reason to Exercise!

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*World Mental Health Day / Family Fitness FUN-draiser this Saturday / 
Welcome Ruth! / New Thursday KiCKBOX*

Today is World Mental Health Day. It's something close to my heart and never far from my mind. You may not know this, as I'm generally a smiley person, but I've had my struggles on and off with depression.

Running the London Marathon in 2011 was revelatory to me. The main reason I exercise now is to get 'headspace'. Staying strong and in shape are welcome by-products. 

I'm sharing this with you as I believe it's important to break the silence about mental health. Good physical health is nothing without good mental health. In fact the two are inextricably linked.

Just the other day I was feeling fed up so I pulled on my trainers and headed to the park. I only had 20 minutes before school pick up - but that was all it took. In fact, it was just 8 minutes and 17 seconds into my jog that I started to feel better. (Even I was surprised by how quick this was and so I double-checked it on my watch!). The endorphins began to release and my outlook brightened. 

I hope this inspires you to get out and be active, today of all days. It only takes a few minutes to feel better. It doesn't matter what you do, just get outside and move! You might want to try this...

...giant inflatable obstacle course at Datchet Lake.

Last weekend I had a go with good friends (also clients!) and we egged each other on to climb, jump, fall in, drag ourselves back up and do it all over again! We were all overcoming one fear or another. Yes, it was an amazingly exhausting whole-body workout that would have torched hundreds of calories, but, more importantly, our smiles at the end showed just how good the challenge was for our confidence and self-belief. Highly recommend!


Also key for good mental health is coming together as a community, and feeling part of something bigger. So why not join us this Saturday for our FAMILY FITNESS FUN-DRAISER.

My daughter Florence is in her last year of Primary School, and we are fundraising to subsidise their end of year school trip to PGL. This being a community state school, we want to ensure that no child gets left behind for financial reasons.

So, please do join us on Saturday for some fun fitness challenges, suitable for all levels. Bring family and friends and donate what you can. You'll be doing your bit for children in the local community. 

Friday saw our new Personal Trainer Ruth's debut. We are thrilled to have her onboard, and excited by her dynamic energy and experience. Look out for her leaping around Ravenscourt Park on Friday mornings. 

Babis's Saturday KiCKBOX received rave reviews so we've added another session into the week. THURSDAYS @ 11AM. 

Give it a try - it's fun and mentally stimulating as well as physically challenging. This session is part of our Small Group PT training programme, login as usual online. 

Hope to see you on Saturday, and remember, today of all days,



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