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Sicilian Summer Special!

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I really hope your Summer is going well so far. Are you keeping active? Eating well? Resting?

A break from the routine can be revitalising, and rest is vital for your body to heal and come back stronger, so don't fret if you feel you've fallen off 'the exercise wagon'.

There's no harm in keeping moving though. Whilst on holiday in Sicily, in 35+ degree heat, I quickly lost count of the number of gelati and granite I was putting away. Not wanting to turn overnight into a Big Mamma (I am 50% Italian after all, so it's in the genes!), I wondered what to do to counteract the gelato-effect. I found inspiration in an unlikely place - the 4th century floor of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

Check out these mosaic beauties! 'The Bikini Girls', as they are informally known, are competing in a kind of pentathlon. Don't they all look in great shape? Look - there's even one holding dumbbells! Funny to think of us in the park, replicating this, nearly two thousand years later! 

Anyway, I went away inspired, and 'invented' a new sport that afternoon: Sea Sprinting.

Fun and effective, and completely bearable in 35+ degree heat! Here's my 'how to' video:

Try it! It's fantastic high intensity interval training - your legs and core work REALLY hard, and it's fantastic cardio, whilst also remaining kind on your joints. If you can do 10 x 10 second sprints, then you have definitely earnt your ice cream! 

So, if you are in London: 
*make the most of our Go Unlimited offer - just 4 weeks left on this!
*join us for the Detour lunchtime run on Wednesdays
*make Aneta's delicious and healthy food recipes below

If you're still on holiday:
*enjoy, and... 
*be sure to get back into training as soon as you can when you're back!

We're here, ready and waiting to welcome you back! 

Bianca & the Team   

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