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I Need Your Help!

There are so many differing stories in the news about nutrition, it's no wonder many of us are left confused as to what to eat for all-round optimum health. 

One thing's for sure, most research now points its finger directly at SUGAR as the most unhealthy thing for us - causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc. Some even describe sugar as TOXIC. 

FACT: Sugar is ADDICTIVE - some say more so than cocaine - so it's no mean feat to give it up.  

I've certainly always had a rather large 'sweet tooth', and always thought it was just part of who I am. I never thought of it as a 'sweet addiction' - something that could be overcome. I'm determined to give it a go - but like all addictions, l know that I can't do this on my own. So I've had an idea. YOU are going to hold me accountable. TOGETHER, we are going to beat my sugar addiction. 

**From today, I am embarking on a 2 week nutrition experiment - TO ELIMINATE SUGAR FROM MY DIET.** 

This is me today:

Weight 63.4kg or 10 stone
Body Fat 29.2%
Body Mass Index 22.4
Waist 33"

For the next 2 weeks I will be eating lots of protein, veggies and fat (fat doesn't make you fat remember, in fact it is essential in our diet for proper function). No refined carbs (pasta, bread etc) and definitely no processed sugar. 

I have been inspired by an amazing book: "Natural Born Heroes", by Christopher McDougall.

In it McDougall explores superhuman feats - like the extraordinary Cretan resistance during WWII - and how their diets fuelled this. 

One scientist McDougall meets is Dr. Phil Maffetone. The MAF method advocates cutting sugar out of your diet altogether. In just 2 weeks, your body heals and you lose your sugar-craving. The weight drops off you as your body goes back to burning fat for energy, and there are no more sugar highs or lows. 

Sounds great, but will I be able to stick to it...

Fortunately there is the MAF Method APP to help with a handy list of YES & NO foods, as well as lots of delicious recipes (see below). 

Expect a full update in the next newsletter, with updated photos and stats, so we can all see if it's worked or not. Wish me luck!!

Another reason to keep an eye on your inbox: our latest Member of the Month, who will be announced in the next few days. It could be you! 


To celebrate MOTHER'S DAY and all our fabulous Mum clients, we're holding a little prize draw. There's nothing us Mums value more than a bit of 'me time', so we're giving away a Mani-Pedi to one lucky Mum. Winner will be announced in the next newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled!  

Don't forget, if there are any Mums you know who you think would enjoy training with us, send their details our way!

Just a reminder that we are running 3 new 9.15 Small Group sessions now in FURNIVAL GARDENS. These riverside sessions run in parallel to the daily 9.15 Small Groups in Ravenscourt Park. 

If you're looking to get more organised with remembering where and when you are training, you can arrange for your bookings to upload automatically to your diary on your phone or computer. It's really easy, and 'how to' instructions are at the bottom of this email. 

Looking forward to updating you on my sugar-free challenge....See you in the park soon,



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