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I am delighted to announce that we have recruited a fantastic new member to our training team: ANETA LUPA.

"Hi, My name is Aneta, I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the BSPT team. I am very grateful to be a part of a great community and I am looking forward to training our clients with a massive smile and lots of positive energy!".

Aneta is recently graduated from PT school, and is already showing excellent promise, high standards and confidence - just ask Sophie and Ed who were put through their paces by Aneta recently!

Aneta will be meeting you all over the next couple of weeks as she shadows Vanda and I. Let's all give her a nice warm welcome into our fantastic training community!

I must admit it's been a busy couple of weeks for me with Vanda being away, AND going through the final stages of recruitment. However, I've greatly enjoyed touching base with you all in sessions throughout the week. My plan is that once Aneta's on board and teaming up with Vanda, I will be more free to keep these more regular points of contact. 

Speaking of which, remember I am available for 1TO1 CHECK-INS with you, so please book a slot in with Sophie. We will be at Detour café next Friday 10th February, so book in quick and I can grab you a coffee too! 


SMALL-GROUP training is mushrooming! It's really exciting to see its popularity growing and growing, but we're also conscious that we want to maintain choice and flexibility for you. So...Starting next week, we have added 3 EXTRA SESSIONS to the timetable:

**EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY @ 8.05am-9.05am**

You can book in online in the usual way. (If you're not sure how, please ask Sophie!). If your preferred session is full, be sure to register on the Waitlist - you will be notified if there's any movement.  

**Thank you for sending in your views about Small Group sessions. Your feedback has been really valuable.**


I had a very gentle and relaxing experience this week with Corinne at the Brackenbury Grove Neighbourhood Centre. Corinne practices the Bowen Technique, which works on the fascia - the body's amazing connective tissue beneath the skin. Bowen is a non-invasive, hands-on remedial therapy. It targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help it balance, repair and reset itself. 

Whilst it may be too soon to feel the full benefits, what I do know is that after seeing Corinne, and for the first time in absolutely ages, I slept right through to my alarm (no tossing and turning checking the clock), and woke up well rested and energised. 

Why not give Bowen a try? Corinne is offering Free 20 minute Bowen Tasters. You can contact Corinne here. Please mention us when you book in. 

Top Tip - if you're tiring towards the latter part of the race - imagine your feet are like feathers. Seriously! It worked for me in the Marathon!!
Look forward to seeing photos of you all with your medals.   

And finally - don't forget it's BRING A FRIEND week next week. Show your mate some love and bring them along to a session - just email Sophie to book in!

See you in the park soon,


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