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Aneta Lupa

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Aneta Lupa

I am motivated & inspired by seeing clients pushing beyond that extra mile. That’s what keeps me going!

How did I get here? I have always been active!

I have danced since a young age, training from age 9 across several styles including Commercial, Ballet and Ballroom dancing.

I am also a passionate skier - weekend ski trips with my dad since an early age had a significant impact on me! I loved the speed and the beauty of the space I was in. What I love most about training outdoors is the scenery I am surrounded by.

After moving to London, I started attending Tumbling (gymnastics) classes, and this is where I became familiar with bodyweight training. Due to a knee injury I had to stop Tumbling, but I did not give up, and decided to work out at home on my own, creating my own daily workout regime. I slowly got familiar with, and hooked into, more intense strength training. I am very proud of this as I stay motivated, and exercise has become a daily habit - something like brushing your teeth every day!

I discovered the passion for motivating and working out with others when I was office-based for almost a year, and joined outdoor lunchtime training sessions lead by one of my colleagues. I had so much fun working out in a park and felt so good afterwards. Before long, I took over these sessions and led them for almost a year! This is how I discovered I do enjoy helping others, not only to achieve their fitness goals, but also seeing them more energized, and simply happier!





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