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Bianca Sainty Personal Training Reviews

  • Katie A, Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

    New Mum Gets Back On Track

    My first few personal training sessions have been fantastic and I'm really looking forward to the next round.  They have kick started me back into the right direction after over 9 months of moving in the wrong direction, or actually just not moving much at all! 

    I now feel re-energised, motivated, engaged and "on-it" again , it has been exactly what I needed and only wish I had started sooner.  The one on one, tailor-made sessions have been ideal having lost my confidence after a long labour and resulting aches and pains and months of bad postures with the baby.  Really great to feel back in the zone and to know I can enjoy exercise again!

    Katie A
  • Cathy S   , Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

     9kgs Lost In 3 And A Half Months! 

    When I first told Bianca that I wanted to lose eight kilos in three months she said it was just about possible but I wasn't convinced. Now I've topped that and the nine kilo bags of sugar in my office go to show it! 

    I feel fitter, slimmer and stronger than ever before! 

    I had never before considered having a personal trainer or doing any kind of 'jumping around' type exercise in a park with other people. It was something that filled me with dread! The humiliation! But I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few months and knowing that other people will always be there waiting if I don't show spurs me out of the front door. 

    Given that I write in a windowless room in front of a huge computer screen, it is invigorating to be outside, rain or sunshine. 

    The food diary was also a first for me, something I never thought I 'needed' to do but that immediately made it clear to me where I was going wrong in my diet. 

    Cathy S
  • Sarah B, Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

    Lifestyle Change To Keep Up With Kids 
    (and fit into jeans)! 

    I wanted exercise to become part of my normal week and for me that meant making it as easy as possible, no excuses, drop kids and go. 

    The outside element has been a really pleasant surprise, I hadn't appreciated how much I would enjoy this. Time seems to fly by and there is something about it that is certainly good for the soul. 

    Measurements and weighing will always be disappointing for me, the numbers never quite say what I want them to, but as I train more I can see the changing shape and feel the clothes fitting better. My ultimate goal is to stay fit and healthy, keep up with my boys and fit into my jeans. 

    Sarah B
  • Joanna F, Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

    Couch to Muddy 5K Champion! 

    Meeting Bianca has changed my whole attitude to exercise. Before I met Bianca, I would never have considered running and can now be regularly spotted running along the river listening to my iPod. Her weekly sessions are fun, hard work and rewarding. Bianca strikes the perfect balance in her sessions and my week wouldn't be the same without them. 

    Joanna F
  • Caroline A, Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

    Back Pain Relieved

    Having had back pain for many years I now have a core strength that has relieved the pain completely. All thanks to wonderful Bianca. Every session is different, always fun and Bianca knows exactly how far to push. Monday mornings have become a highlight of the week!

    Caroline A
  • Tom H, Bianca Sainty Personal Training Testimonials

    Strong & Injury Free.

    I love training with BSPT.

    What makes the experience great is how it constantly evolves. Every session is different and builds on the prior training- you never get to settle into a lazy routine.

    There is always a new exercise or drill to keep things fresh and a sense of achievement at the end of a tough hour.

    I am stronger and able to play more sports with fewer injuries than ever before.

    Tom H


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